Tuesday, May 12, 2009

cramming well

Remember cramming for tests? It was always fun doing it with others. Three students in the coffee shop today traded questions and answers, studying for their 20th century history survey course exam at UMKC. While reading and writing, their funny comments and satirical remarks deserved recording for a comedy program. Examples:
- So Kennedy wanted to quarantine Cuba. Was that because of a disease?
No, man. The Russians had nukes there.
Wow. I missed that class.
It’s in Chapter 12.
- What was that Vietnam movie with Charlie Sheen?
Apocalypse Now.
No. That had his Dad, Martin…
Oh yeah, the movie with the cool classical music when the guy gets blasted.
Yeah. Platoon.

Movies and missed chapters. These three guys were superb in their analysis of the 60s, 70s and 80s.

“So, my cousin is thinking of joining the Marines this summer. I think I’ll finish college and keep going to the gym. I hear the Marines make you do like a hundred pushups. I’m not there yet, man.”

“Reagan. My parents liked Reagan a lot. Now they like Obama. I saw Reagan in a cowboy movie once but I forget the title.”

“Reagan was in the movies?”

“Yeah, that’s in Chapter 15.”

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