Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the paint dries

Cinque Terra Boat by Laura Tovar Dietrick
She spent the afternoon, right after lunch, painting the deck of her rowboat. Last year she painted it green. But this year, there was that leftover half can of red from the previous spring when she decided to paint the tops of the fence posts along the side of the house, under the elm tree. It’s the north side, always shady. The red fence post tops add a bit of color now. Looking out the back door, she cannot see the boat. When she launched it in the water to dry, she forgot to tie it to the dock. Now, where is it? She walks down to the shore and shades her eyes, peering out to the marsh as the afternoon sun splashes against the calm mirrored waters. A heron flies south and as she follows its flight, there it is. She’ll swim out and get it but the water will be cold and she’ll have to sidestroke and tow it back. By that time the first coat should be dry anyway.

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