Monday, May 18, 2009

streaming policy

He explained that someone from the IT department approached him, recommending that he stop streaming music all day. Management had a new policy that prohibits employees from using the internet for things other than business related research. In the coffee shop across the street, he defended his music choice with three other employees. He sat with his laptops, an Apple and a PC, the Apple balanced on his knee and his PC on the small table to his left. The three other employees listened intently as he told them why streaming music is nothing for management to worry about. After all, more impending layoffs should keep the management busy finding ways to save money. He became emotional and told them that this is an invasion of his privacy. The four decided to take an early lunch break. The conversation changed to choosing where to eat. No one wanted to drive today because the weather was just too beautiful. He packed his laptops into one black carrier, slung the strap over his shoulder and quietly followed his three co-workers out the door with his hands in his pockets not noticing the homeless woman on the corner who asked him for change.

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  1. I get the underlying anger from this. I feel it too sometimes...