Sunday, May 10, 2009

what happened?

The news seems very rich these days, thickly laced with economic terminology, systems explanations, likely scenarios, and hesitant hope. Writers write about what has happened or try to determine the answers to that question. So the slowdown creeps into the psyche of people and the essence of the slowdown could be just that; hesitant people.

Despite all of the communication tools we possess, the news apprears to creep along at a slow pace with a focus upon depth instead of volume. Moving forward may be something we wish to do quicker, but all of this talk of change last autumn now seems childish to some. But I believe we’ve placed all of that hope in a secure good place for the time being, saving it, savoring it rather than being impatient.

It cannot hurt us to pause and take stock of things once in a while.

The city is quiet this afternoon. I haven’t heard a car whiz down Walnut for over an hour. Read the NY Times, made some coffee and had a cinnamon bun for lunch, and headed out for walk in a while. This slow kind of day affords time to think and listen without hesitation.

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