Wednesday, July 15, 2009

heat index

What it feels like is hot. A heat index number and an advisory from the National Weather Service quantify the hot. It’s hot. Just ask Charles. He lives on the street and tonight he was relaxing in the park at 12th and Walnut. The park escapes the sun beginning around two in the afternoon when it drops behind the Town Center Plaza. But Charles said today was a hot one for sure. Despite the index number and the lack of heat advisory, I appreciate Charles’ index. Tonight, around 6, on a Wednesday, it felt as if the city wanted to just hibernate to somewhere cool and breezy. Tomorrow night, Thursday is the first weekend party night. Maybe is just feels hot because people have to grind out those next two days. Maybe it was this mid-week day that made people less patient with the heat. Charles lives day to day and his hot assessment has nothing to do with the name of the day, but today was indeed a hot day.

Too Hot by Laura Tovar Dietrick

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