Wednesday, July 29, 2009

no accident

Much discussion currently about texting while driving. The verb, “to text”. The verb a movement or action in a sentence. The green line under your typed text when Bill Gates senses a sentence fragment. Active not passive voice. Sentences with a subject verb and object and appropriate punctuation. Commas are cool pause bumps. Eats shoots, and leaves. Eats, shoots, and leaves. Driving while texting or driving while reading?

Fate and destiny: do they occur when static, still, and silent? Does opportunity always knock? Does someone have to move to invoke kismet? Some people believe there is no such thing as an accident.

Some people believe that just standing still propels you at an incredible speed through the universe as the Earth rotates.

And then there is experimentation when a simple task like painting a base color on a canvas, over a piece of old work produces something very abstract, at first a stain of some sort, but then the mind pulsates and suddenly sees something as in a Rorschach image, some suggestion of something, a memory, a cloud, movement. And then you stop to ponder.

Fate is a great concept, fuel for stories and films forever…but the possibility of fate just may begin with that decision to move…for if opportunity knocks, one first has to decide whether or not to answer the door.

Pictured: “Anatomy of a Painting 042” by Laura Tovar Dietrick

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