Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Distilled Fruit 2 by Laura Tovar Dietrick
Eating without cooking. Sounds weird but it’s fun really and it sure has made me feel good over the past week or so. I ate some cooked food today, some ribs smoked by Adam, yes, Adam’s (babyback) ribs with a sugary BBQ sauce that made my teeth stick together. Amazing really.

Back to the raw chef ideas. So, the concept is to prepare meals without cooking, eating foods raw. This restricts you to fruit and veggies but if you can find a bit of great fresh yellowfin tuna, it makes a great ingredient. Marinate some nice fish in lime juice for an hour or so, and the acid “cooks” it. I’m not a raw food chef yet but after exploring this concept I believe it deserves further study and experimentation. It certainly cuts down on pots and pans clean-up, also keeps my loft a bit less smoky.

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