Sunday, August 2, 2009

business as usual

You can’t be serious. Contract the whole department? It won’t work. Who’s not going to think we’re nuts doing this… I just suggested a particular set of components. I know it is. Sure we have contractors doing this now, but the academies into business schools?...that’s your opinion… It would be? Cheaper? By how much? I’ve read that study. What are your figures? No way. Alright. I’ve heard the manpower arguments recently. They end up working those jobs anyway. And the 30 something think tank Ivy League recent vets. I’ve seen them… Call a meeting, we can brief the sub-committees over the coming year. Right, take it slow and deliberate. In the meantime, tighten up the figures. Send them over… It should be helpful to broaden our portfolio of possibilities. We cannot afford any long ones like now… Next year. And by then the people will be able to digest all this… It is a very big shift, ultimately, but we’ll do this in steps starting tomorrow. He said he’s resigning and he’s slated to be on their board… Not them, their parent company. Next month.

excerpt from "business as usual" by tom ryan

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