Monday, August 3, 2009

concept: . . .

A woman works as a sort of executive assistant to an older man in his 70s who appears to be some sort of celebrity or politician or entrepreneur, or something, we’re not quite sure and never really know for certain as labels like that really don’t apply here. This young woman, late 20s, early 30s is new to this fast paced scene of influence, but she is more curious than na├»ve.
Her boss sends her on various errands and asks her to attend various meetings on his behalf, in the meantime keeping him informed, meeting people in the cities of NY, Washington, and LA. The whole series takes place in those cities only, no others for the first season. A sequel to this will have her connect the dots between London, Paris, and Rome.
We never are certain where she is, in particular, whether her encounters, her meetings are in government settings, television, business, defense-related, intelligence agencies or contract companies affiliated with defense, Broadway play production, music, finance…sometimes these worlds, these settings are really intersections of many things and she does her best to understand what’s really going on. Who people are, why they are there, what they want, all while learning about her boss and what he wants her to do, if anything.
Sounds confusing, because seeing all of this through her eyes, it is to a great extent very intricate but not diabolical and that is an atmosphere I’d like to create. One where this series of encounters really shows that people are fundamentally doing their best to stay in the mix of things. Such is the nature of the groups of people we see. Most are 30-something “middle managers”, very talented, smart, ambitious but mindful that they have people to represent as no one really represents themselves, if that makes sense… So we meet no Presidents, Senators, CEOs, TV personalities, Hollywood producers, no moguls. We will meet the occasional retired legend… the legendary CEO, the old actress, the writer in seclusion, the news personality for a time, now a recluse in the Village, the washed up soap star, the injured Broadway dancer… all these old people will have stories and advice and it serves as a perspective-creating bit of counterpoint to the young energetic circles she operates within…

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