Thursday, August 20, 2009

raw space

The developer purchased the building two years ago and decided to create raw spaces for apartments…the stairways, elevators, sprinklers, all the electrical code work and plumbing hook-ups and improvements to allow people to come in, purchase and build out the places as they desire, and design. Great concept. The couple liked the space, inquired with an architect and did the math and the timeline to possibly make it happen. Too much hassle maybe? How long? 18 months? How much? That’s a common urban story here. The coop developer dream on hold, holding out longer, happy to have renters. Frankly, some of the spaces to purchase just aren’t sexy enough for the price. But I’m not in the market. Things continue to happen in the Crossroads here. People seem to be holding their own and the neighborhood feels alive, streamlined, but alive. New windows, double hung type, big ones, installed on a building recently. Someone’s forging ahead, carving out some cool living spaces. This place is raw, growing an identity, and people patiently continue to build dreams and lives. I like it.

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