Tuesday, August 11, 2009

light waves

This weekend my brother took me to a house that he recently completed in Long Beach Island. The house sits on the back bay with a lovely view of the water, the expansive bay that seems like a giant lake. The view results from the way he framed, or not framed really, the outside to drift into the inside, the way light becomes an integral part of the design. The open spaces allow one to drift free and easy throughout the house with a mixture of privacy with nooks, and avenues that integrate the rooms. The tile work around the pool is organic…shiny tiles, round ones, patterned in such a way to resemble from afar the scales of a giant fish, emerging from the water, blending with the bay. I smiled a great deal and my eyes were wide open all the time. We swam in the salinated pool at 86 degrees and looked at the house from a low angle. Before we departed, the owner's four year old nephew gave us tattoos from his book of designs. He gave me a zebra and a tiny frog. Randee was awarded a dragonfly and Mike received a monkey tattoo right above is butt.

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