Tuesday, August 4, 2009

twelve o’clocktails

…a line from a Billy Strayhorn song called “Lush Life”, an ironic and melancholy tribute to those feeling a bit blue and alone…also a bit of theme song suitable for an afternoon at around 3 pm, as you order your fifth martini and that appetizer you should have had around shaker number two…about the time you start to feel the urge to smoke again. No, I’m not writing this from the bar down the street (Cashew), across the street (JP Wine Bar), or up the street (Indie Bar)… this afternoon at Cashew there was one lone fellow among a few couples, suited and booted, tie on the table, on his iPhone, laptop at the ready, hand propping head, eyes glancing from screen to screen, beer with a sip left, waitress at the ready, ceiling fans spinning. The bar person, behind the bar reading a book, no one had put a nickel in the jukebox, quiet, and as I walked by, somehow “Lush Life” drifted into my head…

…in some small dive

and there I’ll be
as I rot
with those whose lives
are lonely, too…

or better…

where one relaxes
on the axis
of the wheel of life
to get the feel of life
from jazz and cocktails…

often the song is often “split” in two as both parts stand well alone…this is the second half, the darker half, from “Living Out Loud”…the film fits the song…the song sums up the film…
…a week in Paris…will ease the “bite of it all”

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