Sunday, August 2, 2009

what you get for 6 bucks + tax

The Sunday New York Times is $6, has been for a while and now matches the price of a weekday matinee at the art house theater nearby.

The paper on Sunday continues to be a glance at the previous week and a sort of agenda for the coming week. It’s all part of a vast networked cultural conspiracy that is headquartered in New York City. Thinking further, the cultural agenda for two weeks from now, perhaps even a month is on some editors white board, bulletin board, sketch pad, blackberry powerpoint, iPhone app. Seriously. Seriously? Ya think?

For six bucks, you get a lot of reading. Cool for the reader but not cool for the paper is the absence of adverts, and the presence of great pictures. We need pictures, secretly we do. The magazine is shrinking and the book review section really has big pictures now, huge ones.

Not only is this a Sunday paper snuggle blanket suitable for consuming along with cinnamon buns and coffee for a few hours, but it’s a way to anticipate the coming week’s events, while supporting a newspaper totally irrelevant to Kansas City..until the trends travel west which should be in 90 days or so.

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