Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Game 1

The highlight of game 1 for me tonight was calling my Dad during the first inning. The Phillies had just loaded the bases but didn't score. Dad was worried. Dad told me about the last time the Phils played the Yankees in the World Series in 1950...Dad attended game 1 of that series, 59 years ago, and said that in his opinion the Phillies, who lost that game 1-0, lost their spirit that day because it was such a heartbreaker. He hoped that didn't happen this year...the 1950 World Series was the last series where all the players were white...the Yankees swept it in four straight games.

I never knew Dad saw that game long ago...

Dad's 87...and he saw another game 1...this time the Phillies won 6-1...I hope we give them a sweep this time, is what Dad said.

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