Friday, November 13, 2009

Costume parties at Power and Light

The current dress code controversy in the Power and Light District is really an argument about costumes. Costumed customers enjoy the music and atmosphere. It's a fun place. The sports costumes look colorful and fun too; blues, purples, black and gold, and red.

None of the costumes are that scary.

Why all the emotional capital about costumes, trouser fittings and hat azimuths? As cowboys say, one can tell where a cowboy’s from by the bend of his hat. The cowboy costume is so cool that there are large cowgirl cutouts above one of the bars there. We know why those cowboys and girls wear those tight pants…it’s to prevent chafing while riding, right? But wait a minute…urban cowboys and girls rarely bring their mounts downtown.

It’s a costume, from their hat down to their boots. Then we have all those wonderful school colors to enjoy. Local higher education institutions enjoy a great deal of advertising on game days. Big screens, sports action, your favorite team’s ball cap affixed proudly, even if you couldn’t pass the entrance requirements. It’s fun and sometimes authentic, but after all, it’s a costume party.

The urban gentry in the Crossroads venture north in earth tones, black and browns, duck into cool spots and have fun too. As unobtrusive as their look appears, they too are in costume. Their look creates a mystique…for about three minutes.

Why are we so lathered about costumes? Let’s embrace them all and in the process enjoy the fun and business.

An alternative dress code enforcement strategy could be to issue patrons (a wonderful word…patron) beige jumpsuits, safety helmets, and yellow belts…standard, a good safety color and pretty “costume neutral”…

KCTV 5 reports that there will be a costume protest rally in the Power and Light Saturday at 3pm…wear your favorite.

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