Friday, November 27, 2009

Don’t try this if you’re ugly

There’s no way that couple could have pulled off the party-crash at the stately shrimp curry dinner had they not been attractive and rich. Actually his tux looked a bit tight, but the red dress may have blinded the Secret Service. We ugly people have a real problem these days.

Andy Warhol’s idea about the 15 minutes of fame requires a screen test. Rogues have to be attractive in order for us to tolerate their strange behavior.

Perhaps life in America is a mere extension of high school. Cliques, styles, labels, looks, and being ugly. The attractive invite opened doors. The ugly study hard. The plain people think they’re ugly. We classify people based upon their looks. There is a definite but unexplainable definition of attractive. Attractive wins.

Did the gatekeepers compliment her on her lovely red sari? Did he lead the way, or did she do all the talking? Was Joe Biden smitten? Was that his tux or a rental? Only a rich important ugly guy could escort her, they thought. He must have some bucks. State Department? What do they do? I’ve never been to that winery? Polo? Really? She looks taller than him, anyway. Yes, step this way. Have a nice evening.

Excuse me…yes you…could I see your invitation? Thank you, Dr. Kissinger, sorry. I told you that was him.

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