Friday, November 6, 2009

out of balance

Frank Morris of KCUR, (our local public radio station at 89.3) interviewed General Casey, the Chief of Staff of the Army, on Wednesday, and Frank’s story aired yesterday morning…
listen at this link. I thought it amazing for Casey to be so candid at a time when people are calling for more deployments.

Casey: "The Army is out of balance. We're so weighed down by our current commitments that we can't do the things we know we need to do to sustain the all volunteer force and to prepare ourselves to do other things…the Army has grown by 40-thousand soldiers since early 2007..."

The force is "nipping away" at what some see as a critical shortage of mid-level officers, caused, Casey says principally by the army's transformation into a counterinsurgency force.

Then yesterday afternoon…the massacre at Fort Hood Texas perpetrated by a mid-level officer.

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