Thursday, December 3, 2009

Climbing the jobs summit

The gathering of corporate eagles in Washington today included some high flyers, many of whom benefitted from recent government-funded feathers for their sagging drafty nests. Is caulking the best idea they can muster? Duct tape and plastic for some, some swanky custom window fittings for others?

Those in business are working. There are not enough venture capitalists with the capital or will to gamble just to create jobs. There must be profit...

It’s nice that the President is furthering the conversation on jobs and lack thereof. But it will probably remain a conversation for the time being. Many who attended today’s conference will be going back to their corporate headquarters tomorrow to oversee another week’s worth of layoffs. I’m sure the great minds of business mean well, and their spirits are willing, but their wallets are weak at this point.

Business must be profitable to be called a business. If the President wishes to create temporary work-service projects with a few billion of that Bank of America payback bucket of ours, that would be great. The President, being a deliberate thoughtful chap will probably take ten months to mull this one over based upon his recent strategy development timeline for the Af/Pak war. That brings us into August 2010…with mid-term elections in November.

Excellent timing.

Hunker down for the winter, everyone. Let’s keep an eye on things. Gauge the Party’s health and welfare by June. More States should declare bankruptcy by then (California is the off-Broadway disaster play right now…let’s see how that plays out). Yes, just in time for those back to school sales before Labor Day 2010. What a great time to inject the economy with more magic money…Labor Day…stimulus for Labor.

By August 2010, people will not care if these work projects smell like socialism…

The American people are incredibly resilient and patient and while some write of populist momentum and rage, without a manifestation of that collective (mythical?) emotion the trend continues to point to an increasing capacity for joblessness and foreclosure, corporate value-added cuts with layoffs to increase shareholder value. It’s obvious that the government sees a social crisis tipping point further out on the horizon…late summer 2010?

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