Saturday, December 12, 2009

seasonal preparation

This is such a day, a day when preparations become presentation, Hanukkah. Soon a Christmas Day, but before all that, preparations, gatherings, wrapping, mailing, extending the table, dread, lists, anticipation, recipes to review, cookies, more lists. When the day arrives, a few momentary quiet moments of relishing the time when everyone gathers, memories of other times, and remembering those not here this year. But it seems that this season is as much maybe more about preparation than presenting. There’s something good about this process of visualizing the day and then trying to do the things necessary to make it a day by the fire, a quiet day in. I can see it in people’s faces today. It’s not the Saturday before Christmas, but it’s a Saturday. Prepare? Or procrastinate? Fill the list with more details. Go online. It’s been a long week, again.

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