Sunday, January 24, 2010

common ground = numbers

Both of our major political parties face extinction. People discuss the finances, the economics, the budgets of issues with a great deal of skill and insight. Voters, now more informed and collectively astute, know that the numbers speak with messages clearer than any inspiring speech from a suited orator with teleprompter. Common ground is now about the numbers.

These lean times have served to strip away the fat of political discourse. Times are very tough for many, but times like this allow for clarity. Business-like public servants, such as Jay Nixon, defy political labeling. He’s a smart business person and that’s a great thing to be where he sits at this time...we in Missouri should be thankful.

Nixon may not have all the answers, but he knows the numbers and understands the nuances of fiscal health and welfare. Not a spring chicken, but definitely a new breed of political leader; one who can engage people with pragmatic economic courses of action.

The Tea Party may have that approach up their collective sleeve. What they require is a bit more diversity in their ranks. That will hopefully come if they focus upon the simple truth of “the pursuit of happiness”, along with life and liberty.

Discussing the finances of life, the economics of liberty, and the business plan for happiness is something that a few of our framers knew very well. My personal favorite is my fellow Philly native, Ben Franklin. If ever there was a person suited to helping us understand us, it’s Franklin. I think he understood that common ground can be the economic health of our union.

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