Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ramping up the Yemen frenzy

Today we hear that the UK and US will close their embassies in Yemen. Read instead that the embassies will probably soon become military installations, a new Green Zone in Yemen. Suddenly Yemen is “chaotic”. No, suddenly the US awakens from diplomatic sleep. But let’s be fair, we cannot multi-task very well.

Because neither the UK nor US have a diplomatic strategy and the diplomatic resources, because both have over the years militarized their diplomacy, this is what we shall see. We’ve had a military task force, a headquarters, in the small country of Djibouti for close to a decade now. We hang out there with the French who protect the country. To the north of Djibouti is that problematic country of Eritrea who colludes with Iran. And to the south of Djibouti that emerging new state of Somalia. Calling it a failed state fails to recognize the current strengthening theocratic Islamic movement complete with guns and a global agenda.

Add to this that Ethiopia is in their sixth year of drought, a humanitarian epic crisis of which the Ethiopian government is in denial. Our first area of focus should be Ethiopia not Yemen. Watch as we will deploy military action figures at great cost while Ethiopia starves...

This is across the thin pond from Yemen.

General Patraeus made a trip to Yemen yesterday to collect embassy keys and probably solidify increased military aid and discount foreign military sales to the government of Yemen. The royals in Saudi Arabia are very worried about all this frucas to their south. They’ve been warning us of this for few years…

We’ve had our eyes on this region for a while. Don’t forget about all of those pirates rousting about in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. Don’t forget we have assembled there the most diverse naval task force in world history.

Yes, the goings on in Yemen are now an official threat because we have declared it so…as adventurous journalists, tired of the same hotel in Baghdad, Kabul and Nairobi, now will have military escorts to a new and exciting place close to the action.

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