Friday, January 22, 2010

Win your carrots in a race for the top

Race to the Top: the new school-improvement incentive game in towns across the nation. Read the rules here. Why do we grow the carrots, send them to Washington, only to have our harvest shipped back to us if we run races? Who will be running these races? Teachers? Our children? Who will win? Who will lose?

Another race, another scoreboard. $1.35 billion for the FY2011 budget.

The rules for the race appear murky at this point.

From all of the PowerPoint slides on the site, it looks as if some serious funding has funded this fund-centered incentive plan. How much funding went to funding the fund-incentive planners and bureaucrats?

Who will coach our States and train them to race swiftly? States, to be competitive, will have to hire some savvy consultants or divert present personnel resources (already looking at cuts), or both…

We the People of the United States in order to perfect our wonderful union should begin to engage in processes like this at the local level to assist our schools with time and talent if our children are to benefit from the carrot crops we nurture and grow…and in the middle of a recession, the present administration obviously believes we need races to keep us intellectually fit…

…try to figure out these rules as we lace up our running shoes and move to the paternalistic stadium for this, yet another, large government event.

a few training tips

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