Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A birthday gift from the Temple Slug... 40 years old and now with a new neighbor

This past Saturday afternoon, Bob Gamer mixed with the gathering of old friends and new ones on the porch of his gift to the area, “the teahouse and coffeepot’, a small refurbished Westport house next door to the Temple Slug. The sun was bright, the breeze, fresh like the baked goods, the live jazz had a swing, and tea fragrant. You could sense the love and the sweet satisfaction of creating something new next to something old.

For some, this may have been a day to share memories but from the conversation and Bob’s gracious welcome, this birthday celebration of a business longevity, spoke volumes about the commitment and nurturing vision required to make it so. So, business majors and city development leaders have a beautiful case study to examine here. Bob can definitely talk the numbers and share stories about how city codes inhibit innovation, but on this day I heard him share how all the baked goods are fresh-baked daily, how the quiche tastes amazing. He’s right.

Bob has created a beautiful new front porch, a welcoming patio, a home-like living room and an efficient kitchen. Great businesses like this transcend business because of the people and Bob is surrounded with wonderful folks. He celebrated them, introduced them, as he cleared a few tables and shared cookie samples with a smile.

Tea and coffee, because they affect the senses, seem to elicit conversation and if alone foster a bit of contemplation. This was not a raucous gathering, but the buzz of the talk, mixed with the jazz of the band, spiced with the fragrant teas, the coffee, the mango tea scones, made for a warm atmosphere, a genuine sense that this place is a gift. The Temple Slug at 40, on its birthday, stepped back and introduced its new neighbor. Thanks, Bob.

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