Saturday, April 10, 2010

Education and coffee

Yesterday, three friends gathered to discuss life and politics. The subject of education swirled about the conversation richly and centrally. So many frustrations we experience, a great deal of the oppressive feelings we feel thread to education and learning. Humans gravitate to curiosity, which can be lethal to felines as the saying goes. Cats aside, we wish to know who what when where why and how.

Consider the word education as it applies to everyone of every age. Consider the formal grades, systems public and private, corporate training, public libraries and personal ones. Include the digital media, the analog waves, and your favorite TV show. The many forms of art. Tie it together with your desire to understand those bits of the state of world, the news, you want to fathom.

When your package of curiosity seems daunting, a myriad of issues, perhaps a way through the frustration is to consider the common fabric of education fueled by that innate human drive to know.

Many people define learning as a change in behavior; for example when one learns to read, one potentially changes the way they see the world, understand, and interact with others.

Try writing what you think to see what you think. Paint or dance what you think to feel what you think. Sing a thought.

When one of my friends framed our discussion over coffee in relation to education yesterday, the frustrations seemed to begin to melt…

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