Sunday, April 4, 2010

Form rather than reform

Rather than reforming, should we try more forming? Well meaning thoughtful citizens desire to reform campaign finance practices, the financial industry, energy policy, health care, housing loans, the auto industry… The list of reform-like agenda items is exhaustive and complex, inter-related, and not just about America.

We may be wasting time trying to reform things already formed and functioning, not to mention owned by someone else. The government may be able to change the edges of industries, but for example, they cannot change how Wall Street works, or doesn’t. We taxpayers may conceptually own shares and interests in the auto industry and financial institutions, but we had no say in their bail-outs and TARP assistance, nor will we have any say when the federal government declares a need for a round 2 bail-out of the States as they begin to go bankrupt.

A few people recommended I watch a series about money and government hosted by Bill Moyers which aired this past January. Interesting discussion and seemingly non-partisan, but it came down to being a few roundtables with whiney people. No solutions. You can search on your own, but I’ll save you the misery.

I’m very interested in what young people think. They do not write here at this virtual retirement home-like blog setting nor do they crank out any ink for the paper newspaper. But they are out there, thinking, learning and doing. It’s really great to listen to their opinions. I sense that they are forming things, not interested in reforming.

The whole reform discussion broadcast from Washington seems irrelevant. Government sadly is wasting time reforming, thinking about it mostly, while businesses big and small struggle to form things, services, products, ideas.

If you desire to be a reformer…pick your area…there are plenty:
- energy
- finance
- campaign money
- lobbies
- health care, medical business
- the auto industry
- defense business
…add to this list if you like…
…and as you consider your reform solutions, remember most of our formed areas up for your reforms are linked to institutions, governments, and companies in other nations…
…and consider that it’s very hard to reform one without nudging other areas…

While some attempt to reform, thankfully there are those forming things…everything from a piece of sculpture to a new medicine for heart disease. Thankfully, there are no reformers in the studio or the lab…

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