Saturday, September 18, 2010

All In: Kirsten Paludan’s new EP

Over the past two days, I’ve played Kirsten’s new EP, All In; four songs she wrote, four songs with a variety of artistic technique. Like the artist, the EP sounds vibrant and full of soulful thoughts. I’ve watched her perform these songs over the past few months and witnessed her build a recording team to make this collection come to life.

Her team includes:
Wade Williamson on acoustic and electric guitars
John Bersuch playing drums and percussion
David Guame on bass guitar
Laurel Morgan on violin
Sasha Groschang playing the cello
And Kirsten’s vocal, her piano artistry and acoustic guitar

Songs include:

Under My Skin – an upbeat but serious tone poem about self-examination, doubt, and vulnerability. This song seems perfect as a film soundtrack piece where a fallen character discovers the reasons for falling. Hello, Hollywood.

The Levee – “…this tear may break a levee”. Pretty heavy. There’s a history behind this song Kirsten penned over an hour one morning, remembering her Dad. Catch her performances soon and listen to her memory. But her personal piece has something universal within; ideas with which we can all understand.

Come Clean – a quiet, contemplative confession about washing your soul.

All In – with her fingers painting on the piano, Kirsten relates how things are simple yet complex at the same time. Try to manage the lump that will swell in your throat and resist the urge to feel regret and joy at the same time.

Many things about this collection draw me to hit the replay button. David Guame’s production is subtle, measured, and delicate. His bass playing leads like a loving dancer (catch him soon with the Caves). Wade’s guitar creates a rich atmospheric backdrop to this theatre of the self. The strings of the Wires (Laurel and Sasha) weave a tapestry of silken textures, appropriate and emotional. John’s percussion adds a strong heart to this body of work. Kirsten’s songs exude intelligence and offer one a variety of her instruments (voice, guitar, piano) range.

I’m not sure when she’ll have her CD release party. My guess she’ll throw the party at the Crosstown Station in the Press Room upstairs; her new home for her Wednesday Troubadour singer/songwriter showcase. Check out her website, have a preview listen for your self, and enjoy the artistry of Christian Hankel’s digital talent (oh, and Cristian sings and writes songs as well).

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