Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Enduring Barclay Martin’s music

This note goes out to all the people who will be with their dates and loved ones, enduring a Barclay Martin Ensemble concert soon. This message does not disparage the artist but rather honestly critiques the art. This cannot be written in the press. This essay may prevent me from having drinks at JP Wine Bar. My words will remain on my dorky blog but this is meant for all my fellow dorks and dorkettes, thinking the same thing.

Barclay’s latest CD, “Pools that Swell with the Rain”, is tough listening; not in an edgy way, but rather in a beautiful way. It’s too pretty, too angelic, too diaphanous, too reminiscent of James Taylor and Brian Wilson. Great music for a date, however and that’s my point.

To all those folks who will soon be dragged reluctantly on a date to hear this music; hats off to you. Been there, done that at the Firefly last year. Date night…”let’s see Barclay Martin”. I did. I endured. I made it. I kept remembering Taylor, Seals and Crofts…I harkened back to Surf’s Up.

Sorry, my surf’s not up on this music. Happy date night.

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