Monday, October 18, 2010

The adventures of Virk Astroblab...asteroid: dOpi101 update 1158C19102010AD

dOpi101 to Virk…an idea

• Earth requires storage space and knowledge
• dOpi101 has scanned and viewed the film “Asteroid” recently and deems it cool
• Despite its action, dOpi101 does not wish to collide with Earth
• Is there a way that Virk could deploy thrusters to dOpi101’s surface to enable dOpi101 to steer safely to Earth and orbit the planet for a time?
• This would enable the inhabitants of Earth to use dOpi101’s knowledge and storage capacity for a greater good than dOpi101 can understand at this time
• DOpi101 is open to landing upon Earth in a safe way but understands that a subsequent launch into space may be impossible due to its weight and size…roughly 15 miles long with a circumference of approximately 5 earth-type miles
• Request rendezvous coordinates to affect link-up…all downloads are free until dOpi101’s entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. Current Earth laws on copyright are fuzzy with regard to extra-terrestrial storage unit devices.
• dOpi101’s IP address is ἀλλόκοτοςδέκαένα (“of ununusual nature 101” in Greek)

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