Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Informing Elaine Ismert

The art of photography seems complex in this time of digital equipment and the Internet gallery. If you’re reading here, chances are you’re exposed to a myriad of images each day. So, when talking about photography as art, perhaps you’re a bit perplexed and over-exposed. But, maybe you consider this ability to search in the digital world gallery a blessing. Elaine Ismert captures what she sees, with what she calls in her artist statement, “…a pinch of the eye”. What she sees informs her. What she does is share that information with gorgeous images.

Elaine’s not one to comfortably hold forth in conversation. She’s traveled a bit; to Europe and the Middle East. She’s back home now, living in the Crossroads with her cousin Maria Ismert, an artist and painter. Elaine’s decided, taking a risk, to live the artist life, to pursue her passion for photography.

Recently, Elaine had her first-ever show at Mildred’s coffeehouse in the Crossroads. Her work will be there until Tuesday, November 2. She shared brick wall space with Maria. I think Elaine’s onto something very interesting. I sense that her eyes see the world differently. Her images tell stories, have an edge, and appear as seldom seen scenes whereby she engages you to look longer at things we glance upon momentarily in life.

What’s captivating about her collection is the variety of subject matter. Maybe that has to do with the variety of places she’s lived. Or perhaps it has to do with her curiosity. In combining curiosity with craft, craft with compassion for her subjects, and compassion with courage, we the viewer, get to gaze upon beauty. There’s probably more to say about these pictures from my perspective, but Elaine’s perspective is the thing here. Instead, feast upon her delicious pictures, some with a bittersweet glaze, and experience how Elaine Ismert speaks volumes without uttering a word.

Welcome home to the Crossroads, Elaine.


Elaine on Elaine

"Born and raised in Kansas City, MO grew up in the suburb bubble, suburbble. Strong and extra-large catholic family, 8 siblings. Found a way to express and situate myself not by words or even actions but by projections. Love the outdoors and exploring. Capturing the moments that distinguish a situation, person, place, emotion ect. is exhilarating I love the little things in life, hidden treasures that at first glance you might not catch, but double take and you could stare, analyze and dream about it for hours. A photo with layers and multiple meanings is something I get suckered into, when I'm behind the camera any object can have however many dimensions you give it. Having fun with all genres of photography is what I am doing currently. I haven't gravitated towards a specific category through the lens, no settling or reservations just yet. There is a slight thrill knowing that you can snap an image of any kind and viewers focus on the subject matter itself rather than the projector. I like that I can detach myself to a certain degree, but still express my perspective."

Photographs by Elaine Ismert (titles of work shown top to bottom above)
Water Flower, Air Show, The Dance, Sheer, Snow Shrubs, and the tricycle is untitled...what would tou call it?


  1. Amazing variety, natural talent. Keep it coming.

  2. Very impressed. I look forward to seeing more...