Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Paul Sprawl’s overture to Kansas City

Last week at the recordBar, I heard Paul Sprawl for the first time. It’s taken me some time to write about his music because the atmosphere he creates challenges the boundaries of prose. His stories, sung, have a way of piecing together a complex mosaic of impressions into seamless dusty denim, washed in a river somewhere close to Parchman Farm, Mississippi, dried on the road.

Paul knows the road well. He writes what he knows, a less than secret element to good writing. His vocal delivery had me leaning forward. His guitar accompaniment combining slide, picking, strumming and percussion simultaneously had the small audience slack-jawed wondering why there were only a dozen people there, with four chatting clueless at the bar.

No matter…this was an overture for Kansas City. Wildfires like Paul need but a slight breeze to spread. Local musicians take note. Music fans, have a listen. No need to step up your game. This ain’t no contest. This is American literature. Words printed. Paul’s writing more as I write mine. Write yours. Consider going on the road for a while. Leave the comfort of your familiar venues and familiar audience faces. Come back when you can. Catch Paul before you depart. He’d probably be happy to share his roadmap.

...Paul recently settled in Lawrence, Kansas...

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  1. Great review. I can totally relate too. Well stated.