Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Artillery rules on the Korean Peninsula

Military professionals, with first-hand experience in Korea, know that artillery is the effective weapon of choice, especially for the North Korean Army. Years of targeting, stock-piling, and practice combined with the rugged terrain makes the artillery piece the reliable “AK-47” stalwart of this potential theater of war. We’ll read about troop levels, nuclear weapons development, air and naval power but as today illustrated, “The King of Battle” (artillery) is king on the Korean Peninsula.

The complexity of the situation has decision-makers and analysts, diplomats and journalists scurrying to back issues of National Geographic to review this part of the world. We hope for diplomacy as the strategic element of power choice to solve the current crisis. Economics and the need for food in North Korea, is a bargaining chip capable of drawing non-governmental business players to a bargaining table. A new North Korean leader stands in the wings with more than a few of his countrymen and women wishing him ill will. Our national will, our appetite for further foreign military forays, wanes in the face of our commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan. With a few (supposedly undeliverable at this time) nukes, North Korea has the world’s undivided attention. Or does it?

Could North Korea deliver nuclear weapons with artillery? I’m confident our Defense Department has this low-tech possibility on their high-tech radar. If this escalates, North Korea’s escalation strategy will lead with their very tactical, reliable, mechanical, and overwhelmingly efficient arsenal of artillery with a target list 57 years in the making.

Artillery rules on the Korean Peninsula.

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