Saturday, November 27, 2010

Government: a growth (non)industry in Kansas City, MO

A Bureau of Labor Statistics report (dated 29 Sep 2010) notes that government employment rose 1.2% over the course of a year while other “Non-farm” employment categories declined. The report does not breakdown the government employee statistics into sub-categories (Federal, State, local). In August of 2009 the government employed 88,600 people; in August 2010, 89,700 in Kansas City, MO.

With the public discussion centering upon taxation (including deductions and exemptions), revenue, and services it’s interesting to ponder the implications of this small set of facts. Yet, before the pondering begins, consider how people disagree about facts before reaching any conclusions.

What facts say to you depends upon where you sit in the discussion. But this simple fact of government (non)industry growth, when all other categories reflect loss, makes it hard for public servants to argue for more tax revenue. They can and they will, though.

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