Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jerad Tomasino's White Hall...lyrics

Recorded live on Monday afternoon August 16, 2010 at White Hall, UMKC...released this week...genius.

Jerad sent his lyrics to me to share...

All The Difference

I'm putting on my shoes again,
I got no where
I got no when
I'm calling here a place to begin
I'm starting...

My memory is paved,
full of roads.
I forget sometimes just where they go,
so, I'm heading down this trail alone,
I'm starting...

I'm starting,
I'm starting,
I'm starting,
I'm starting on my way...

The Best of It

I'll look in your eyes,
tell you, you're right
if you want to be right
because, for me, it's just not worth the fight…

Come, show me your guns
tell me to run.
shoot with the truth
or just shoot
and maybe
I'll be as holy as you…

Call me crazy,
idealistic maybe,
but I guess I thought
perforated or not
I could be your friend.

I know how to talk
I learned how to walk when I was a kid
so what gives?
why do you feel
like I need you to think for me?

Call me crazy.
I don't mean, maybe,
I know I know who I am
and that's not you..
just leave the worst
and embrace the better side of life
and all there is.
just take the best of it.

Two Kids

Two kids just lying in the grass,
Best friends, playing in the summer.
making shapes in the clouds...
singing songs in the sunshine...
two little kids- they have each other.

she said, "I love the sun and I love this game...
can we do this everyday?"
he said, "yeah, I'm having so much fun. I will meet you here... tomorrow."

"time goes as time goes..."
so her mother told her.
his father told him, "son,
-old friends: they just get older..."

So they packed up their things and moved away,
he went west,
she went east coast...
Came back on holidays,
saw each other at a party...

she said, "hey you, it's been awhile... so what do you do now?"
he said, "it's hard to explain... we work with lots of companies..."
she said, "doesn't that sound nice..."

They flew into town on the same day,
she had conference on second street,
he was speaking at third and main,
both went to the same cafe',
she was making shapes in her coffee,
he put down his brief case,
she looked at him with a smile,
and he sat down next to her...

she said, "Oh, what a surprise! I wish we could do this everyday.."
he said,"yeah, that would be nice... you know… I'm in town for the weekend..."
she said, "that's wonderful! I happen to be as well..."
he said, "that's perfect... I will meet you here... tomorrow."

Fools Gold

There's gas in my car,
I chose to ignite it.
There's a problem in the air,
I chose not to fight it.
There's a pain in my heart,
I chose to oblige it-
things can only get worse (right?)

There's a plane in the sky,
carrying my family.
There's hair on my head,
but I think I am balding.
The world, as I've known it,
is changing around me.
God's little joke; A kaleidoscope we're in...

Oh, life is a mess-
just got to give it your best.
I am . . . I am?

There's a diner in town,
where I chose to get fatter
and argue about things
that will never matter.
There's a hungry child somewhere
that fills us with chatter
but never a purpose
our pity just dies
a gun on my hip
but I chose to not use it.
There's a point on my tongue
but I chose to not prove it.
We're more common than not,
but could never admit it-
So stuck in our ways,
enjoying our own company...

Oh, life is absurd.
I think that's the word I was looking for...

There's a stone in my hand,
I chose to just hold it.
There's a story there, somewhere,
how I wish to unfold it...
Thinking: who was the first-
to polish or throw it?
Neither survived that which they thought they controlled...
And so, here we are:
to choose
to fight
to live
to believe
to love
to marry
to die
to sleep...
from nothing to something?
from something to nothing?
how can it be?

Oh, life is a dream... just do as you please.

American Folk Psalms

1-1 "Bless me, father, 'for I have sinned..."
...I know I have- I know I will again.
So, I'm not quite sure what I'm doing-
here... here...
Am I asking for forgiveness, or am I simply running from fear?

1-2 A summer's heat and in the gardens be-
all the less-than-happy housewives turning their tears into trees.
And sorrow sows some shade: relief-
of some kind... of some kind...
They say, "It's not who is leaving us, but what we leave behind."

1-3 I tell myself that I'm not running scared.
I tell myself that life is playing fair.
I keep my senses well impaired.
I lie... I lie...
I figure it's a fluke that we're feeling, but a fact that someday we'll die.

1-4 A shape in playful, cloudy night.
A weightless winter in starry, summer sky.
A firmament for birds to fly-
I guess we all have our place of peace and that's where we should be.

1-5 I often wonder about wandering souls-
and where they go. I guess that no one knows...
I like to pretend that they all go home...
and are welcome... and warm....
Oh let our souls all be pardoned and let them be free from harm.

let them be... pardoned... pardon... let them... let me be...

2-1 A darkness dwelling deep within...
feeding, burning, filling- to the brim.
Hell has always wanted in...
I guess it's not IF you're fighting, but more what you're fighting for.

2-2 The dirt is drenched with our brother's blood.
Those with much fuck those without enough.
And God is brewing one more flood...
to cleanse... to cleanse...
Oh, beings that be here! Why can't we just be friends?

2-3 She keeps her distance at arms length.
She's a single, city-girl who's traded joy for strength.
I fear someday she'll feel the sting-
of love lost... love lost...
Cause it's not what you pay for, but the final cost.

2-4 Oh, sagacious moon I come to you-
in the darkest times of man for wind of calming news.
Your silence is my song, my muse.
I feel for the first time hopeful for what could come...

2-5 I sense my father and my mom-
in every little thing that I have ever done.
It's in my brothers and I that they'll live on...
it's a circle... a circle...
Well I haven't made my mind up about Jesus, but I love a good miracle.

Oh how I love... how I… I love… how I… I am loved...

3-1 Now, she's dying quickly- take my hand...
It was just last week that she was making plans.
Oh, God, I'll never understand!
It's nonsense...nonsense...
That for her last words you've penned such a death sentence.

3-2 So, I plant some peppers... she plants some flowers.
We cross our fingers and hope for April showers.
...I play for hours my growing song-
it's soothing... that the beauty...
is not in the topsoil, but what is underneath.

3-3 I don't want to be a preachers son-
destined to hold the stage for someone else's tongue.
I'd rather tell what I have done...
a parable... so normal...
Yeah, it's just my real life, but I think that it's magical.

3-4 I blur the Sun in a rainbow glare.
A burst of colors far too bright to bare.
If I was God I'd keep my secrets there...
shielded from the eyes... of all human kind...
So, to find the meaning of life we first must go blind.

3-5 It's life and death and love and rest.
It's all the worst of days and all the best.
ascension. ceremonial dress...
the kingdom... the kingdom...
I guess it's not what we are but what we hope, someday, will become.

Will the kingdom come?

I know... I know... I can... I can change...

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