Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Oil Boiler’s musical heat: a recorded furnace

The Oil Boiler premiered at the Living Room at the Pearl in May of this year. A collective of artists transported many to an atmospheric smoky club called the Juggler (like a vein) with their music, acting, visual art, lighting, and sets.

Holly Red exhaled silken sensual songs in, what else, a red dress. The Preacher preached some, but did more singing. God gave some directions but received a few rebukes. Zoey orchestrated a puppet show. Manchester Gravy poured molten lava-like thoughts into our head. Karen Heritage caught a bullet. Leon Nesrac, the hit man, hit hard and got hit harder. The Dead Ringers served up a musical backdrop along the way under the direction of Victor California.

This Friday, the Oil Boiler Collective, this accomplished crew of collaborators and friends offers their recorded version of this experience in the form of a CD, with a live performance reprise, at the very same site where Karen got whacked. This is not supposed to make sense. This music feels like a hot curtain of smouldering fire to warm the cockles of your whatever in the coming cold days. Have a listen to these compositions by Jeff Freling and Christian Hankel. This ain’t no Mongol beach party, nor a disco. This ain’t no foolin’ around.

I’m not sure what sort of oil their burning here. Jazz? Lounge lizard tunes. Whiskey River induced swing? Is Suggo Tarasov sprinkling this score with Russian influences and vodka fumes? Is Jimmy Golconda the real lead in this trip, plonking his acoustic bass? Has Tortuga Dientes something hidden behind his drum kit? Only God knows and he’s not tellin’.

This recording will take you back if you saw the show. If you didn’t see the show, catch the CD release party this Friday (Nov 12) 9:30pm, at the Living Room. If you want to see the full up show, corner the Preacher and give him a piece of what mind you have left after the show. Ask Zoey to pull out her puppets. Drop two bits into Victor’s cup so the band can have a drink. Stay clear of Holly. Check your wallet after shaking hands with Manchester. Advise Holly to duck during the next performance. Buy Leon a drink and call him a taxi at 2, please.

This makes no sense, but this is what happens when passionate people have no idea what they’re doing…they create art.

Victor California and the Dead Ringers:
Shay Estes - vocals
Jeff Freling - guitar
Jeffrey Rukaman - piano
Johnny Hamil - bass
Kent Burnham - drums
Cody Wyoming - vocals
Erin McGrane, Katie Gilchrist, Walter Coppage and Christian Hankel - spoken pieces

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