Monday, December 6, 2010

cheesy bites pizza

This weekend was weird for me. Friday night, First Friday, after having done a bit writing about artists last week, realizing that my art form, writing about art and artists has no price tag, seeing other artists with value placed upon their art in the form of a cover charge, a sticker, a tag. A few things fell into perspective about this activity of writing for free, celebrating the work of others. A few conversations about this helped me understand things better on Saturday. Saturday night, spending time with a young artist performing his new songs. Talking with a songwriter about art. This morning, hanging out with a theatre director. This afternoon with a fellow artist, a photographer, in a similar situation as me; finding her way in this art/journalism world, trying to find a conduit, a market for her art where people do not pay for photography. Writing fills me up, though. Yesterday, spending time with friends, eating a cheesy bites pizza together. More perspective about this journey. Finding a place to fit, searching for an appropriate "gallery". It's great to be in the company of artists who understand. For that I'm grateful. Time to heat up my leftover two slices of the cheesy bites pizza and give thanks. Thank you Elaine, Scott, Bob, and all fill me up. So does that pizza :-)

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