Tuesday, February 22, 2011

There is power in an association

Listened to a bit of Billy Bragg’s music tonight while following the election results. He does a nice rendition of “There is Power in a Union”. Unfortunately, the Unions should reconsider their choice of self-named noun and reconsider a rebranding campaign.

How about “association”? Works well for the AMA, the Bar Association(s). Or maybe “Institute” like the AIA. It may make the old fight song lyrics a bit forced but hey, it’s worth a try. There are many technical fields still “unassociated”. Educated ranks of IT folks for example. “There is power in a line of code”. Indeed.

Seriously, the Unions need a good savvy marketing company to give them a public relations make-over. One recommendation, do away with the “Grapes of Wrath” vintage, Woody Guthrie tunes and mix in some mash-ups

The younger generation looks on confused. Unions, should they desire to grow and sustain, need young blood. Perhaps the younger generation will take on this rebranding idea…

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