Friday, March 18, 2011

a black and tan

It sat in the glass across the table
Memory day...
Amber ale beneath dark Guinness porter
Porters who placed them in austere carriages
Ticket, please…to the back, thank you
The Black and Tans, Dúchrónaigh
In syllables whispered, in English please
Porter the yuletide ale from England
Imported across the way, gold harp
On glasses, Temple Bar laughter
Order a black and tan, whydonchya, Mate
Raise the glass in a toast, celebrate
Oppression, night raids, top ‘o the mornin’
Wind at your back?
Black and Tans, Royal Constabulary
Sounds noble, green as Donegal
Black dark western coast, way up there
Tan stiff weeds on windy promontories
Sheep graze, dumb, numb
Complex stuff this brew
Pay it no mind, pay the publican well
Drink ‘til you’re dull, forget
The Black and Tans, now a drink
We consume without tasting
The overcooked caramelized barley, hops
Skipping across the pond, burnt
That’s what makes it so dark
Sparkling across the table, cream foam
Lacing in the glass, it stays separate
Like oil and water
Chalk and cheese
Which side are you on boys
Which side are you on
Black and Tans, all around. Cheers, Mate!
Ding…Last orders…!

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