Thursday, March 17, 2011

celtics and rangers

It’s only a game, right?
Green versus Red/Blue/White foot, ball
Jerseys, boys choose your colours!
Goal, pass, dribble, kick, tackle
Cheer for your team, sing out, louder!
Proudly march and sing, on your day
17th of March, 12th of July, line up
Choose side, demarcation lines, boundaries
For every green, an orange, still ripe
Imported fruits, bitter, sweet, results
Two bus stop choices in Derry, whoops
I gave my green away there, Go Celtics!
Orange in my pocket, saluting the red
Blue, who?
Not Roger’s Rangers, or airborne breed, camouflage
Rangers lead the way, sometimes
Night observation, deep dark ink
Flash, boom, remember the orange glow?
Go then, now then
Black suits on Orange Day, Saints
Paddies, travellers caught in the middle
Travel north if you dare, be careful choosing sides
Read the graffiti carefully, dribble, kick
Stone, blood, Troubles, pass the hat, Mate
Reinvention, convention, dark brew
Creamy head, harp, gold letters
Pub talk, cake walk, goalie balks, hesitates
Goal, not sure, cheer, use caution
Whisper go to them or them or none
Parade, your colours proudly, homogeneous
Genes, pools swirl, stew ingredients
Don’t swirl the green, red, blue and white
Buy your ticket, move to the stands
Reminded of fans there over
Clover, the Boyne, the Somme, some
Remember vivid, scars, some touch
Old scars, bowler hats, black versus green
William, Patrick, thistles and shamrocks
Lodges, Orders, hibernation, coming out
Men, wild colonial boys, rovers, drovers
Brothers, arm-in-arm, Sunday, Bogside
Ringside seats, front row, peelers
Potato, corned beef kosher please
Cabbage fresh, sour fragrant the day after
Just a game, Mate, only a game
Kick, dribble, pass, tackle, score, celebrate
Go Celtics!
Go Rangers!
Fields of Athenry, The boys of the old brigade
Celtic song, rings strong
You’ll never walk alone
But, I was born under a union jack, Ranger
What’s the score?
Drink up, shut up, don't spoil this
Go _______ !

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