Saturday, March 26, 2011

End the e-tax in Kansas City

Verbs of doom, like “slash”, cut to your uncertain core. The “what ifs” made “what now?” to “here’s what we must pragmatically do”, when not if, Kansas City voters vote to end the e-tax, will usher in a new era for this wonderful city of ours.

This is certain…

At a time when the newly elected mayor voices his opinion for a strong-mayor model, this tax cut will encourage our elected officials to focus upon intelligent management rather than rhetoric, on change rather than business (or lack thereof) as usual.

We’re courageous and practical people. We need a motivated city government team. Forget strength for the time being. We ache for innovation. Motivate them.

We know that services need study in this austere time. We’re balancing our personal budgets, eliminating this, deciding to save, dramatically changing our lifestyles to adapt.

A popular reference to law enforcement cutbacks has us worried. Yet, we don’t even command-and-control our police. The governor pulls those fiscal and operational strings from a great distance. Ending the e-tax will encourage the governor, indirectly, to bring home-rule to our constabulary, and perhaps give incentive to policing in a more decentralized, community-based way, rather than the assault-vehicle, paramilitary fashion we see today. Yes, it’s dangerous out there, but fear-based deterrence tactics fuel fears.

Businesses are suffering, and like you, value every single penny now. Businesses wish for a city government that encourages vibrant growth. City Hall’s become a rather unwieldy obstacle to business development. Businesses, in Kansas City and “in-waiting” elsewhere, wait for this decision. An eliminated e-tax will see growth results.

Those of you considering ending this tax, consider privately now. You read opinions here that now have an “oh well I guess we better keep it because we’re uncertain” tone. You’re making many personal cuts to the life you once knew. Adjusting is painful as you know. But adjusting is necessary. It doesn’t decrease the pain but you know that what must be done must be done.

You’ll not read much ink emanating from City Hall on this issue. They’re worried and they have good cause. What’s more worrying is that there have been few champions for making your government more efficient and economical. I suppose it will take your vote to stoke their creative fires to “slash and burn”, but I believe we’ll see new green shoots of change.

Will we see a large turnout for this decision day on the 5th day of April? That’s your decision as well.

Best Wishes, Kansas City.

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