Monday, March 21, 2011


All those things we know, but don’t
Or think we do, measure this, solve
This and that, how far? distance, time
Some analyze, slice, micro process
Measure the measure, solvent, dissolve
Tag and name, the un-fathomable
We know, we get it, rule of thumbs
All thumbs sometimes, scattered
Distracted, draw a picture, a song
Thread to a time when, divide by two
Eyeball it, smell it, expiration date?
Rock the baby, rubbing eyes, stars
Navigate, Kentucky windage, lick
Two fists lead at that distance, lob
Walk at night, shorter by day
You’ll see, trust me, dry socks
About that heavy, good, heavier
Time to plant, grow again, learn
Water, nurture, shade, trim, dig
Seems like we relearn, More often
We remember, Often still if we see
More pours in, feels full? More
Room spins, homework, laundry
Hot fudge sundae drive, five minutes
Please, can we go, please?
It’s not that far, remember?

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