Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Donald Trump’s VP

Mr. Trump has an enormous staff of talented people. He has a television show that shares a bit of his energetic and entertaining vetting process; a sort of Shakespearian gauntlet serial of tragedy, history, and even love stories. One has to love the definite articled Donald, right?

I imagine a show, in fact writing the script, wherein Donald Trump selects his Vice-President; Joe Biden, please box up your things. It should be good fun and certainly could fill a season of intense dramatic television, culminating with an announcement party in Vegas…better yet at a golf course. For Trump’s “veep” will certainly have to be a scratch golfer. Golf will be the centerpiece of his administration, I predict. We haven’t had a good golfing President since Ike, really. We need a golfing President, badly. So much good business can occur there.

The following season will consist of his campaign, of course. Selecting his personal campaign staff serving as a compelling subplot. But that VP of his, whoever survives the grueling vetting, will be the real star of this show. Trying to think ahead here and yes I’m skipping the primaries…boring. Low ratings. That show would never sell.

Donald should select his son Donald as VP. He seems a pleasant chap, attractive, working quite hard as his father’s Executive VP. This wouldn’t be nepotism at all, right? We have the Kennedy precedent. This country needs another dynasty family; one that understands golf instead of sailing. Sailing has poor demographic appeal. Golf, though…now there’s a game for the masses.

Well, just thought I’d share this script idea with you and yet I suspect someone in Trump’s staff has it written already, with at least three good working titles for definite articled Donald’s final approval. As for Donald, Jr.? You’re hired. On to 2012.

Pictured: Donald Trump Jr. from here. Photography by Steve Becker

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