Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rachael Jane projects...

A picture is worth a thousand words, and hopefully, dollars to benefit Emancipation Station, a shelter for homeless women located at 31st and Charlotte.

As part of this weekend’s “First Friday” events in Kansas City’s Crossroads District, on May 6th, Rachael Jane will project a slide show on a vacant building at 18th and Wyandotte featuring nearly 50 compelling images of homeless women and their children. Photographs will project at about 14-feet-wide on the face of the building, located at 1820 Wyandotte Street, and continuously change during the event.

Two years ago, Rachael Jane, a Parkville-based photojournalist, was assigned to take magazine pictures of women and children who frequented Emancipation Station, and was deeply moved by what she saw. After forging a relationship with Pastor Alice Piggee-Wallack, founder of the shelter, Jane worked for more than a year to document many homeless women and children’s stories through photographs.

“It is my hope that the people who see the images of these homeless individuals will see their sisters, their children,” Jane says. “I want people to connect with these individuals and to realize that while circumstances might be different, we are all bound by a common humanity.”

There is no fee to attend, but tax-deductible donations will be accepted with 100% of the proceeds given to Emancipation Station. (Pastor Alice Piggee-Wallack will be set up at a table underneath the photographic display to give interviews and receipts for donations.)

A few samples of the slideshow can be found here:

Rachael Jane has worked with some of the best photojournalists and picture editors in the field, including Dennis Dimick, an Executive Editor for National Geographic. Her work has been published and exhibited locally, as well as internationally at the United States Embassy in Portugal. Her photographs have run in The Guardian-UK, Present Magazine and many other publications. For more information, see

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