Saturday, June 4, 2011

On using Appropriate Grammar

Appropriate Grammar is...Alex Dunsford, Claire Adams, Nick McKenna, and Steve Gardels

I like stretching words and phrases. I enjoy using words like paint, splattering them on white space. I’m not a stickler on grammar, but I really like Appropriate Grammar. They are the most interesting band to me in Kansas City today and here’s why.

The people are interesting:
Alex Dunsford plays guitar and calmly paints with clear notes
Claire Adams exudes amazing joy and energy onstage with her bass and backing vocals she brushes at the appropriate times..
Nick McKenna connects with an audience like no other I’ve seen
Steve Gardels plays his drums with abandon and beats any beat with his smiles and enthusiasm

This ensemble fits so well together. Nick and Claire are an artistic match made in heaven…Steve and Alex underplay yet provide incredible textured canvas to Nick’s vision…

Last night at Davey’s, I sat inches from Claire and marveled at how her bright colored knee-stockings colored the show so well…she’s a treasure…

Nick, freshly arrived the night before from Milan with a brand new guitar, played it, nailed it without a rehearsal. His music is inherently him, you see…

In this case, appropriate grammar cannot do justice to this group’s art. Dump your active voice, subject-verb-object rigidity, open up, and throw your personal rules out the window. Absorb them when you have a chance…

Marnie's your touring opening act...America, here's an interesting group of artists...take note...

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