Friday, October 14, 2011

Tom Sawyer…the ballet...fresh thoughts after rehearsal

I’ve always pictured Tom Sawyer as this dusty ornery young boy. I’m not sure you could scrub him up adequately, dress him properly, and take him to the ballet. I believe Billy Elliot must have read Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. Yet both boys went to the ballet (or "ballee" as they say in the north of England). How would Tom pronounce ballet in his St. Petersburg Missouri accent of 1840-ish timeframe? Whadaya reckon?

You may not have tickets to see this world premier. That’s all right; for there’s a few left if you wish to book a few seats at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. I tagged the place, city, state, and country there because this is a world premier.

And if you cannot get here to see one of the seven performances, no worries. You’ll have the opportunity to catch it next year and quite a few thereafter. Your grandchildren will enjoy the revivals because this work has something called “posterity”. That’s what I felt tonight watching the dress rehearsal of this new three act ballet to a new score in Kansas City’s new performing arts center.

New all around yet timeless.

My granddaughter, Ryan (she’s almost five), wants to “take” ballet. I like that verb take because if she does, and if she connects her heart and body to dance, she will be giving a great deal. Ryan would love this, I think. Like her, it’s beautiful and fun.

I’ll write something longer tomorrow about this epic Tom Sawyer ballet of ours.

Yes, it’s ours now.

Photo by Rachael's more…she was there with me this evening…we had a great time.

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