Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jardine’s and the Kansas City marketplaces for artists

I’m fairly new to Kansas City; moved here in 2008. People with a deeper history here will have deeper sentimental and insightful thoughts about this. As a writer, an artist, I feel happy here. This city feels right to me in so many ways. But this Jardine’s episode reminds me of my previous life as a pub owner in England.

Jardine’s is many things to many people. I see it as a gallery; a gallery where performance artists sell their artwork. Sure, it’s a restaurant, a bar, a business.

But as an artist, I view Jardine’s part of the artistic marketplace of Kansas City.

Artists must do a lot of stuff to do what they need to do. And I’m learning that this creative urge is a need. But a big thing artists must do is sell their stuff. People want their stuff. People are enriched by this good stuff and, in the case of musicians, artists need a place to sell their stuff, with beauty and dignity. So, a club owner, while being many things, owes it to their temporary employees, the artists, to curate their work with love and care. It may sound strange, but when I had a pub, I worked with my performing musicians to make their experience fun and respectful to their art forms (lucrative too). I was many things as a “publican” (not a Rebublican) and one of them was a sort of gallerist…at least in my mind.

Jardine’s has potential, despite the kerfuffle recently. Perhaps some enterprising artists should band together and buy the place…in the spirit of continuing a rather nice “gallery”; keeping in mind that the gallery serves food and alcohol. Keeping in mind that a well-managed gallery helps artists to sell their stuff. In this rather swirling time of change, perhaps artists need to engage with the “marketplace” in new ways…like owning a chunk of it. After all, it’s their market, right?

Artists could make Jardine’s into the beautiful “jardin” they deserve and the public would love. Artists gotta sell stuff…

Artists, don't be angry. Buy it and rename it "Jardin" :-)

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