Friday, January 13, 2012

My architects...Randee and Mike

...nice article here about Randee and Mike's recent acquisition and restoration plans for an old beauty: The Mercantile Library Building in Philadelphia...

"In 1956, the historian and architecture critic Lewis Mumford visited Philadelphia to witness first-hand what he called “one of the largest contemporary efforts to rebuild the central business area of a vast city,” the redevelopment of the Broad Street Station site and Chinese Wall into Penn Center.

Apparently underwhelmed by what he found, Mumford discovered another new Philadelphia project which excited him much more: a small building at 1021 Chestnut Street recently built for the Mercantile Library to replace its nineteenth-century building razed for a parking garage."
The New Yorker, May 26th, 1956 (cover and excerpt above)

a feature in today's "Hidden City, Philadelphia"

Photo of Randee and Mike is from the above-mentioned piece.

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