Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We jump through hoops to tell New Yorkers we’re…sophisticated

Beware of East Coast journalists on field trips into the meat-infested Prairie. They miss their home companions and, in this case, their local vegan restaurants. Poor thing. Flung into the desolate fly-over landscape of the Midwest. Funny thing, we read this whining drivel and we bite. Or rather the media jumps on the story to write stories about the story...oh no!...try here...try there...Lions and Tigers and Bears and BBQ, Oh My!

This Philly transplant bit. Guilty as charged. But unlike other (actually I'm not one but I like to write stuff) local foodie media celebs, I’m gonna pass and recommend that A.G. Sulzberger drives to Arthur Bryant’s for some lard-fired fries or stop by Cosentino’s in the city to forage in the veggie and fruit section which is really quite nice.

All a good drill however; a primary-like prelude to the truckloads of recycled local journalistic pabulum we’ll see as the election year gets rolling along. Elections include food. Lots of it. Local papers are poised to defend their local haunts, their cuisine, and special joints. It’s actually great advertising for local restaurants, when you think about it.

...you're very welcome for the media plug, A.G. (pictured above)


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