Saturday, April 21, 2012

Did Shakespeare write The Hunger Games?

One of the characters in the film The Hunger Games remarks “…it’s only a television show”.

I went to see the film, curious and open to the story, having not read the books. The future world setting distracted. Thoughts of Africa. The story became less dystopian and more of the present tense.

When the palatial AMC Mainstreet theater first opened, I saw District 9; a film pretty ugly for such a pretty place. District 9 evaporated from Kansas City area theaters in two weeks...too disturbing and alarmingly true. Hunger Games features Districts too. District 9 shocked people by placing a mirror in front of them. In the The Hunger Games, the two tributed-children from District 9 die. The kids from District 11 have dark skin. Lenny Kravitz plays a caring stylist.

Hunger Games serves up a buffet of reality television shows we know, placed on a Shakespearean dinnerplate...Shakespearean given the added steak, I mean stake, of death.

Romeo and Juliet with an alternative outcome, a bow, arrows. Adults lose. Children teach them some simple truths. Resourcefulness, gratitude, compassion, loyalty, love. But, be wary. The adults are angry, frustrated, and confused.

It’s more than a film (of a book derived cleverly from a play)’s quite a few television shows. I liked them and it.

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