Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Is Joe Biden courting Chris Hughes?

A bit of dot-connecting for your consideration. Joe Biden, 69 – Vice President. Chris Hughes, 28 – Facebook co-founder, Mark’s Harvard roommate, now publisher and editor-in-chief of The New Republic magazine. Chris possesses close to a billion points. Joe’s points plummeted today. Chris plans to marry Sean Eldridge, 25 – political activist.

Is Joe Biden courting Chris Hughes in this season of fundraising? Could this May September romance have a future? I think so.

Joe shared his opinion and his opinion will soon become policy despite White House stuttering today. Joe’s points will rise. All will be well and rather profitable.

Chris couldn’t make it into the political-ish columns in this past Sunday New York Times. Chris and Sean made the front page of the “SundayStyles” section though, for they are indeed stylish. Their engagement column engaged one with their engaging business ventures, country estate panoramas, and jeaned/sport-coated poses. They were missing a fluffy golden retriever or chestnut stallion in the rural backdrop.

Chris is powerful, it seems. The Times called them “key players” which sounds awkward; jargon given Chris’ business in the land of words – The New Republic. Don’t worry, he won’t mix business, journalism, and fund-raising/giving. Somewhat re-assuring and very stylish.

I agree with my fellow Archmere Academy alum on his “marriage for all” pronouncement. He and I learned a great deal at that wonderful Norbertine School in Delaware. We learned acceptance. We learned to be pragmatic, too. Joe’s a great politician and understands more than you or I will ever comprehend about the ropes inside the Beltway.

Joe’s points are on the climb. Chris will probably share more of his points with Joe. All will be well. Courtship over. Wedding plans set.

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