Saturday, June 2, 2012

Calling an audible

Two blocks south from where I live there’s a bar with a big deck on the top floor. You may know it. If you live nearby, you may hear it until 2am-ish on weekends. If you hear it you’re hearing some really bad live cover music. Double bad. Happily, there’s a behemoth building across the street from my south facing windows. The building shields me from the audible pain. Others in my building are not so lucky.

Perhaps others have chosen to join ‘em rather than trying to beat ‘em with a noise complaint to “the whomever-issues-the-licenses department(s)” in Kansas City Missouri’s City Hall. After all the drinks are cheap and after a few pints things sound better.

People complain about the obstacles and challenges of living in a city. I like it here in downtown Kansas City. When more people live here, and the property prices rise, they’ll raze John’s Big Deck or renovate the building. In time…in time…in the meantime, though…bad covers, very bad…very loud.

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